"Kathleen is working at the highest level of any bodyworker I
have ever encountered."
 - Dr. Todd Ovokaitys M.D. Founder and CEO of Gematria 

When I went off to university, I thought that my calling was acting. But as time went on, my lifelong interest in spirituality became a more and more integral part of my life. Finally, I realized that my life’s work was in healing. So at the age of twenty-five, after three years of more intensive study in the healing arts, I gathered the courage to let go of my agent and day job, and I opened my own healing practice.

"Kathleen is a powerful, compassionate healer who is able to bring about tremendous change in peoples lives." - Dianne Brassolotto M.T.C. Volunteer Co-Ordinator, White Light Hospice

In the eight years since then, I have dedicated myself to a life of Love and Service (counting myself among those I love and serve!). I continue to be fascinated by the human body and its myriad energy systems. I have studied Swedish and deep tissue massage, Chinese acupressure massage and some beautiful and highly esoteric energy modalities. My connection with Reiki (Master since 1998) expanded into a study of the chakra system, meridian systems, sacred geometry and vibrational healing. As my study of and surrender into the subtler realms of healing deepened, I found my intuitive faculties expanding. I found that I could feel or sense the energy or emotion that was held in the body. Soon I was able to see core trauma from this or another lifetime that was manifesting in the current body. This meant that my clients experienced deep and lasting healing because the imbalances were being identified and cleared at the core level. My own personal healing journey is tremendously important to me. I have been doing yoga since I was very young (thanks Mom!) and have been meditating since my teens. Nutrition has been a passion of mine for much of my life, and I have been vegetarian for fifteen years (vegan for 11). I currently do healing and chaplaincy work at two hospices in Toronto, where I am truly blessed to be able to help people to move into death in the clearest, most sacred way possible. I continue to learn and expand in my awareness of myself and in my role as a healer. It is such a gift to do this work for the good of all beings.

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"Kathleen's work is the most nurturing professional therapy I have ever experienced." - Dr. Norman Allan P.H.D, D.C
"I am not a healer; I am a Space Holder. I create a sacred space in which you heal yourself.”
The body is a self-healing, self-correcting system. We need only create the space for healing to occur. We are all healers. Our body consciousness knows simply and innately how to heal itself. Our energy systems know how to balance and unblock the energy pathways in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Therefore, the skillful healer seeks simply to assist in creating the space and the optimal circumstances to allow the body-mind to heal itself. In this healing model, you become an active participant in your own healing journey. I use all of my love and skill to clear the physical body of blockages, to clear and balance the subtle energy systems and the emotional body. I hold the highest vision of wholeness for you during the treatment, and you and Spirit (God, Higher Self) create the healing that is most appropriate for your soul’s growth. I have no attachment to what ‘healing’ looks like; I have seen miraculous healings, and I have helped people to die. I believe that both, ultimately, are perfect manifestations of healing. I do not resonate with a belief in ‘evil’ or ‘bad’ energy or entities. In my belief system, there is only energy that is either harmonic or discordant with another energy. Therefore, what one would experience as ‘bad’ energy, is merely energy where it does not belong. I believe that there is only one of us here ­ that we are all a part of one magnificent field of energy, which expresses itself in myriad sacred ways. Yes, I believe that all expressions are sacred. So healing from my perspective does not look like cutting away, banishing, denying, fighting with or protecting from anything. How can I fight or banish, when there is nothing in existence that is not me? So what does healing look like? That is a good question. To me, it looks like recognizing every single thing that is present in my life as being a part of me ­ from my job to my relationships to my sore back to my thoughts. All of it. And then, to lovingly decide what is no longer in vibrational harmony with Who I Really Am, and to release it. I know, it sounds simple, and truly, what I stated in one sentence is really a life long process of becoming more and more clear. My job as a healer is, first of all, to be as clear as possible in my own life and process and then to support you in doing the same. It is my Life’s Work and my great joy to be of service in this way.

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Treatment Description:

I wanted to let you know that having the treatment was the best decision I have made in a long time. It really relaxed me to the point where I am able to think more clearly. I thought I was going in to treat my back, but the overall experience treated my soul as well. Thank you for your help.
Pawan Sharma, System Administrator IBM Global Services

"Kathleen always intuitively knows what I need, when I need it. She has been absolutely crucial in supporting me through my healing and spiritual path over the last 3 years."
- Joanne Rappaport, Research Coordinator, Osgoode Hall Law School.

The treatments vary slightly from person to person and from session to session. Generally though, it will look like an awesome full body massage, incorporating:
Swedish Deep Tissue Chinese Accupressure Massage and Aromatherapy
There is a strong energy component to the treatment, involving some combination of:
Reiki Chakra Balancing Auric Clearing Guided Visualization ‘Entity Removal’ Past Life Healing Love

I use whatever combination of the above modalities is most appropriate for you at the time. If a particular imbalance is manifesting primarily physically, then we will work more with the physical body to create some space and relief. At other times, the deep peace of an energetic treatment will be most nourishing. The hands-on portion of the treatment lasts about an hour and a half. At the end of the treatment, I share whatever psychic information I may have received during the session. The information varies from person to person also. This can possibly be messages from guides or loved ones in Spirit, information about the physical body, energetic systems or any past lives that may be impacting your current life experiences. I never know what or how much information I will receive, but timewise, this usually extends the treatment to about two hours.

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