"Kathleen is an excellent speaker... she is very articulate, humourous and she engages her audiences extremely well. She comes across with great warmth, passion, authenticity and sincerity." - Anna Israel, Formerly Director, Organizational Development, Lambton Hospitals Group
Kathleen has been speaking professionally for over four years now, sharing her gifts with churches and spiritual centres across Ontario. Her unique experience as an Ordained Minister and chaplain have given her a depth of understanding and sensitivity that allow her to connect deeply with her audiences. For over a decade, Kathleen has studied holistic healing, massage therapy, martial arts, meditation and new science. Her great passion is the integration of body, mind and spirit to help produce tangible results in peoples’ lives.

Kathleen combines the deeply spiritual and the deeply practical in her own life and in her work with individuals and groups. Her programs help people to think differently and to see themselves and their beliefs from a fresh perspective that will gently allow the changes that are most needed. Combining ancient wisdom and modern science, (and a healthy dose of humour) Kathleen encourages people to shed their limiting beliefs and habits, and to unfold into the powerful beings that they truly are!

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Topics: "Kathleen is a beautiful, loving, passionate and joyful person, she has great presence and this all comes across abundantly when she is speaking."

Dancing with the Dragon - Healing from Anger to Forgiveness This program explores the mechanisms of anger – we learn how it is that we are triggered, and anger’s effects on our physical and mental states. Current scientific findings tell us that our emotions become ‘solidified’ in our bodies – positive emotions create life-affirming chemistry, and negative emotions create life-denying chemistry. In the experiential portion of the presentation, we locate places in our bodies where we are holding anger and discover simple ways of releasing it.
We are introduced to Projection Communication and Responsibility Communication, and learn more skillful ways of processing our anger in social, work or relationship situations.
Finally, we work with a powerful four-step program designed to help us to release these negative emotions and the core beliefs that triggered them, resulting in healthier bodies, minds and relationships.

The Creative Power of Thought and Emotion
An exciting exploration that combines quantum physics with ancient wisdom to create a remarkably relevant presentation. This provides actual proof that our thoughts and emotions are creative – yes, creative – and explores the ramifications of this in our lives. This represents a tremendous challenge and opportunity for each of us, as we discover that we are infinitely more powerful than we thought we were.
What if I do create or choose my experiences? How will this understanding change the thoughts I hold in my head, the emotions I hold in my body? We will explore the answers to these questions and others, using exciting scientific information, stories, discussion and mindfulness exercises.

Meta-Movement – The Ultimate Stress Buster

Perfect for a breakout or workshop, this highly experiential program takes us into our bodies to find stress and release it. We discover our own maladaptive neuro-muscular holding patterns. “How do I hold my body, how do I breathe, move and even think, when I am under stress.”
Incorporating mindfulness exercises, Qi Gong (gentle movement), meditation and visualization, we create an unforgettable, fun and deeply relaxing journey into our own body/minds. Each participant will come away with the tools to create immediate changes in their lives.

Mindful Nutrition for Optimal Health
Mindful Nutrition means more than simply choosing not to ‘supersize’ those fries! It means making conscious choices to eat foods that will create a vital body and mind. Drawing from almost fifteen years of study in alternative nutrition, Eastern and Western herbal medicine, and vegetarianism, Kathleen presents a paradigm that moves far beyond the ‘food pyramid’.
Einstein told us that there is no matter, that in fact everything that we think is solid, is really energy. Caring for an ‘energy system’ is different from simply feeding a physical body. Truly caring for the energy system/body means more than just eating right, it means being aware of everything with which we come into contact. We ask deeper questions; does this thought, person, headline, T.V. show or food add to my health or detract from it?
This program addresses the very practical aspects of optimal nutrition and the subtler challenge of what mindful self-care truly is.

Sacred Sexuality - Honouring Spirit In Form
Join us as we explore one of the most powerful and creative forces we have available to us - sexual energy. Using the myth of Isis and Osiris, we will explore the process of 'making sacred', and creating wholeness. Through this presentation, we remember that the first 'spirit in form' that we honour is ourselves. The myth of Isis and Osiris shows us the power of that self honouring, and the transformative potential of conscious relationship. We will discover how we have been steered away from this incredible gift by religious and cultural institutions for centuries. We are encouraged to reclaim the sacredness of the sexual energy in our own bodies and the powerful act of sharing it with another. Please note that the material is not explicit.

Metaphysical Spirituality – Ancient Wisdom Comes of Age This presentation is a great introduction to metaphysics and New Thought. Combining quotes from the Bible to Einstein, it explores some basic beliefs held by many in this movement, including an expanded perception of God, how our thoughts create our experiences, and most importantly, what this means for us in our daily lives. Using stories and humour, we create a lively and very relevant presentation that offers new ways of looking at the world around, and within, us.

  Other Topics Include:

Fierce Messenger - The Hidden Gift of Pain

Sacred Relationship - The Alchemical Fire

The Power of Prayer

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Centre for Psychotherapy and Emotional Bodywork - Toronto Evergreen Canada - Environmental Group, Toronto Mohawk College - Hamilton Canadian Unitarian Council – Nation-Wide Youth Conference, Montreal Canadian Coast Guard – Sarnia, Ontario Office Unitarian Churches - Toronto, London, Waterloo, Sarnia, Guelph, Fergus, St. Catherines, Peterborough
Consumer Survivor Group – Centre for people with mental illness - Sarnia White Light Hospice – Toronto
Women’s Support Centre – Sarasota, Florida
New Age Ministries – Clearwater, Florida
Friends of the Human Spirit – Hamilton, Toronto


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