"Kathleen is a highly effective teacher; she is clear,
profound, and she makes powerful use of ritual and
visualization to deeply touch people emotionally."
- Dianne Brassolotto M.T.C. Volunteer Coordinator, White Light Hospice

It seems only natural that in gathering information and experiences along this spiritual path, I would feel drawn to share these with others. I have come to realize at a very deep level, that all beings are journeying Homeward, and that we are going Home together, not one by one. This is the power of group experience and expansion. I so love to share these things which I have found to be so helpful in my life; the teachings that have silenced my grasping mind, the experiences that have broken me open, lifted me, and brought me to my knees. The workshop groups are so rich because they are filled with people like you, with a wealth of experience to share, and that sharing is deeply honoured. The workshops can be adjusted to fit the needs of the group. We often go from very esoteric to resoundingly practical and the many places in between. I incorporate ritual, sound, meditation and movement into the workshops in order to create a multi-level, multi-sensory experience that is deeply integrated. And in all cases, I endeavor to share the information only from my own experience, as my own truth, and not as Absolute Truth. It is my sincere wish that each participant discover and celebrate his or her own truth.

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  "Kathleen is able to clearly and concisely express very
difficult concepts in a humourous way. She is an excellent
and fun teacher! She brings the ethereal down to earth."

- Joanne Rappaport, Research Coordinator, Osgoode Hall Law School

     This workshop incorporates mindfulness exercises, Qi Gong (one of the Internal
Martial Arts), meditation and visualization, this is an unforgettable, fun and
deeply relaxing journey into our own body/minds. Meta-Movement invites us to
see ourselves not as physical bodies but as energy systems. We discover what
it means to care for an energy system; feeling where in our physical bodies
we hold tension, using the subtle powers of mind and breath to clear the tension
and create space. We experience moving energy with our minds and our bodies,
all the while incorporating metaphysical teachings.
     The workshop concludes with a deeply relaxing period of guided visualization to
heal and balance the entire system. Each participant will come away with the tools
to create immediate changes in their lives. 
Learn to:

- Sense energy flow within and without the body - Find where in the body we hold tension and then release it - Perform simple, graceful movements that will keep you open and balanced - Learn simple techniques to apply and experience immediate results
*Half-day or full-day workshop. *
Bodywork For Energy Workers This hands-on class provides a wealth of simple, effective techniques to help your clients and loved ones get the most out of your energy work treatments. Using techniques gathered in my eight years of training in Massage Therapy, Chinese Accupressure Massage, and incorporating elements of cranio-sacral, reflexology and the internal martial arts, we work with the gross and subtle energy systems in a new way. Perhaps more importantly, we work with ourselves ­ our own energy systems. If I am an energy worker, then it behooves me to be as clear as possible in my own body/mind. Therefore, we practice techniques to open our systems and move energy more efficiently through our own energy pathways so that we become more effective healers.
Learn to:

- Open and clear your own energy system - Create a light grid to keep your healing space and personal energy system clear - Incorporate gentle hands-on techniques to help your client’s body to open and integrate the healing energies more effectively
*One or two-day workshop*

Emptying the Bowl, Opening to Receive
This workshop is centred on the ritual of the ‘burning bowl’. Using the metaphor of the ‘overflowing bowl’, we are encouraged to let go of that which no longer serves us, so that we may open to receive our Highest Good. We are encouraged to look deeply at what it is we are holding, and begin to ask ourselves, "what am I ready to let go of?" We take time to sense how ‘holding’ makes us feel and move, breathe and choose. If you can truly say that you are willing to open, then this workshop is for you! A meditation follows the burning bowl ceremony, which allows us to envision what we would like to draw to us to ‘fill the space in our bowl’ that was created by the letting go. This workshop can be shaped to address the needs of specific groups or issues.
*Half-day or full-day workshop. *

Usui Shiki Ryoho ­ Reiki I, II and III
Reiki is an ancient energetic healing modality. Although it was used in some form in enlightened ancient societies (Tibet, Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu) I believe it predates even these and in fact represents our original expanded connection with the Source. It encourages us to both claim our Highest Power and to surrender deeply to the Will of the Universe. Reiki is beautiful in its power and simplicity and will change your life in many ways. I teach Reiki in a way that encourages us to expand beyond what we currently accept as truth. Reiki is an expanded system and to teach otherwise is to limit the energy, the potentials and our expanded selves. Qi Gong is taught in every class as a way of keeping our energy systems and physical bodies open and flowing. As an energy worker, I believe it is my responsibility to hold the highest possible vibrational frequency at all times and so great care is taken to facilitate this opening. Reiki is taught in three levels: Level I (2 days) is primarily focused on healing ourselves. It gives us the tools to create healing and balance in our own lives, thereby making us into clearer channels for Spirit/Love. Level II (2.5 days) takes us more deeply into the energy and allows us to work with a greater level of power and intention, and Level III (approx. 3 days, one-on-one) is referred to as the Master Teacher level. Here, our bodies are tuned to the maximum frequency or quality of Reiki that we can hold and work with. At this level, one can teach Reiki to others.

*All classes include handouts and certificates*

Healing the Empty Bowl
This is a workshop for women who have experienced miscarriage or abortion. These devastating loses are rarely fully acknowledged in society, and the women who experienced them, are often left to try to heal and integrate on their own. ‘Healing the Empty Bowl’ creates a space for women to grieve the loss and to find the gift in their own person experience. Using ritual, meditation, stories and sharing, we support one another as we begin to let go of our broken-ness, our emptiness, and reclaim our wholeness and worthiness.

*Half-day workshop*

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